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KRONiS is the flagship Stamina Music project for 2019

KRONiS– Bio – Based in Los Angeles, CA

Live Performances with Vocals/Guitars/Samples/additional performers

KRONiS is the obvious final evolution of a lead singer and extraordinary guitar player who’s into electronic sounds and manipulations of waveforms to create something new that sounds familiar. KRONiS has been waiting for the right timing to create and release a new record that incorporates the relevancy of the type of music happening now. With a partnership with Parker @ XLNTSound as our studio of choice, this new album by KRONiS should be exceptional, crossing electronic with alternative like no other but KRONiS could do it.

With several albums under his belt working with countless artists and producers in studios across North America, Aaron @KRONiS has honed his craft to produce something ‘fun, and relevant’ including things he loves that the audiences will too.

“If you can’t laugh at yourself, how can you laugh with others at yourself?”

Working with XLNTSound Producer Parker Ament and Drummers Matt Starr (Mr. Big, Ace Frehley, Rock’n’roll Fantasy Camps), Chris Moore, & as of the Viper Room show on August 26th, 2018, Andy Sanesi(Missing Persons) who’s embracing the live show and the anticipation of the upcoming album (name tbd). The album kindly embraces old and mainly new with EDM technology and guitars into cell phones while on hoverboards.

Being an avid Skater, KRONiS can be found at various places like Venice Beach and Woodward West, or Newport Beach on a rideable.

Working with Ernie Ball guitars and strings, Universal Audio for the live setup and other cool things like Dunlop Crybaby on stage, look for the upcoming live shows from KRONIS where old will definitely meet new in this Alternative Rock technological extravaganza.


  • Ernie Ball / MusicMan,
  • IKMultiMedia (iRig)
  • Diamond Grind(skateboarding)
  • Hustler for Men (like VS, but for guys so, no giant wings)


1 Tracks | 2019
So Gone play_arrow
So Gone
1 Tracks | 2019



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