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Tom Morello talks Riffs with Nikki Sixx

staminamusic | June 30, 2018

Things All Guitarists Go Thru – Tom Morello Speaks

Tom Morello talks about all the things guitarists go through.


I love this.

I got the original Digitech Whammy pedal ($>350 Canadian) because of Rage Against the Machine 1991 for xmas. It lasted for ever, I had it modded to split to two amps, I had a fender and a marshall at the time. a JMP 800 (jim marshall products UK). I immediately could cover Rage Against the Machine accurately enough to blow people’s minds. I also used it for some Pantera stuff as well (Becoming from Far Beyond Drive) and also for one or two color delay parts on THERMOclinE’s “Worn” and “Barfly”.

Watch as Tom from Rage does know your enemy here.

KRONiS music has a lot of toggle switch stuff. (inspired by hendrix/hammett/morello/)

I just learned that Tom Morello’s favorite player was Randy Rhoads. Ditto. That explains a lot.

come back for more real articles from REAL musicians such as myself, who are blazing a trail through hollywood to create the music and soundtrack of our lives.


Written by staminamusic

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