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The use Online Music PR for SEO for EDM and Urban Music Artists

staminamusic | November 10, 2017

Now that everyone has an instagram and it’s all about how much ‘Klout’ someone has these days, things are changing like mad.

The huge paradigm shift here, is that this really has NOT been something that has been achievable or readily available to the masses due to restrictions such as having computers, understanding graphics and having help with design. Now it’s not really just about finding a label that will sign you, it’s more about creating something with legs that needs distribution and PR.

As the music industry has continued to digitally evolve, things are now very possible that were once impossible. Try this: move to LA and record a record on your own label, release it and some other artists, then be viable and ready to receive funding from government grant programs.

That’s the essence of Stamina Records and our simple plan. NO, we don’t listen to ‘Simple Plan’, but we support all artists with a vision and they’re from Montreal, Canada.

As everyone is worried about themselves, they stop paying so much attention to their favorite artists. At what point is everyone an artist? lol, good thing you all have those friends who simply cannot hold a tune and they will pay your way. All of us. All the music lovers out there are our bread and butter.

So CREATE for them! the way to do it, is simply make it happen by taking the proper effort to formulate a plan and stay consistent with following your plan through. Plan to have ways to record, release and sell your music while performing as much as possible and taking on all professional collaboration possibilities.

Now with YouTube, it’s literally ‘up to you’. The world is your online oyster. I hope you can type. Glad I took that in high school. Yep. I have some amazing academic achievements, but in high school the only award that mattered to me: the Keyboarding award as I can now blog like a MoFo while touring. Suckas.


Now that I’m finished talking sh1#$ I want you to get something to take away from this article so you know that you can do it, ‘if you put your mind to it’ – Em.

Find out which online tools work best for your type of music by looking at those slightly more successful than you in your genre.

The strategy is to do what those who are doing what you want to do are doing so you can do what they are doing now. Networking is a huge portion of your time here as you need to be allowed into the room to ask for the gig, perhaps you have someone you work with, most importantly trust, who can book gigs for you. The PR part will come WITH GIGS and AIRPLAY. How do you get airplay?

Secrets of the trade: Hold a charity event alongside the station you want airplay from. If you cannot do this, then piggy back on their events, but only do it on things you GENUINELY CARE ABOUT and can connect with your audience about in blog posts and personal instagram videos asking for their support in the cause. So be smart, don’t make it look like it’s all about the Benjamins!

If you can create a core fanbase of 100 people who follow you vigorously, then you can create specific ‘super fan’ content that caters to them. As you develop and sell special merchandise deals for super fans, you can start to rely on them to help you through the year financially.


Remember that you are only what you have to market to… your email fanlist. So how?

  • Well you MUST incorporate ways to capture email addresses from fans in all possible places!
  • Have capture landing pages that offer merch deals and free downloads.
  • Make a web / mobile APP that allows you to interact with fans AT shows (i’m trying this out now, I’ll write about it after we see how the SparklePigeon app goes)

Now that we aren’t stuck listening to celestial radio, however that is an option in cars, we need to use social media to subtly suggest who the  artists are to watch, perhaps by blogging about how they record differently than others, or how they are the same as others. You have the power and the judgement to do this. Grow your craft in your own backyard first, then branch out to be successful in regional festivals and see what you love the most. Then run with that.

Remember you must use things like a ‘content calendar’ to remember when to post regularly to your fans who want to hear from you.  Ensure you have reviewed how your favorite artists use social media and make sure you aren’t lacking in any of these areas yourself:

Focus on Twitter, Facebook and official websites to interact and keep your actual fans so you can update them on new releases, tours and merch, while maintaining a real and ‘human’ interaction with them! Be sure to link to each profile from your official site to ensure the search engines know who the real ‘you’ is.


Written by staminamusic

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