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The Hoversway – a RollerSway Roller Skate trick to dance to 80’s Music with

staminamusic | November 10, 2017
hoversway rollersway hoverboard trick

Any thoughts on why going to the gyms sucks so much? Yes, you can maybe meet that cute athletic gym-goer but aren’t you kinda over driving there and all the stuff involved including paying for it? And those annoying gym sales people. I get it, I went after work for years.

So, now, do you ever think about instead of going to some indoor building to get ‘exercise’ when wolves and dogs all just run around outside? What’s a new way to have fun again? well, why not try to learn how to do the ‘hoversway’ or ‘rollersway’ an interesting way to ride the hoverboard and it looks kinda like and feels a little bit like roller skating when this maneuver is performed properly.

Invented by SparklePigeon himself, yep, the Hoversway is an easy to do, fun, yet advance hoverboard maneuver. If you do end up falling down while on the phone with your sister in Canada, holding a water beverage in the other hand and doing too many things at once to prevent the left wheel from over spinning when the wet grass did not grip the wheel while going backwards up the small curb to the cement path near the skatepark….you may mess up your right foot’s arch and then have to do this other trick that suddenly was also invented that day: The Lieutenant Dan.

Yep. When injured, you can ride the hoverboard on your knees and you looks straight outta Forrest, Forrest Gump.

Okay, so why 80’s dance music?
Because when roller skating was popular, 80s music was also popular…until they both started dying out.
Luckily nowadays you find crazy amazing rollerskaters at places like Woodward.

What’s really neat now, to see along with drive-in movies making a comeback (I swear we’ve had one in my hometown in Canada for years and it’s opening soon) is that more roller skating rinks are opening up “80’s nights” for adults where you can find all sorts of people, wearing outfits from hot pants to Madonna styles. Don’t be surprised if you see the Jackson 5 skate by you!

As this gentrifies, you’ll find more and more adults going out with their children to birthday parties and other events at the roller skating rink. It always seems to be an 80’s dance music theme surrounding the area, yet everyone dresses 70s. Because the 70s were cool.

So, get out your seat and jump around! what are you waiting for? I skateboard all the time… you have no excuse (except snow and not having skates) so get up, lace up, and it’s great workout! It is so much better than paying gym prices! Alrite, alrite…. alrite.

oh and it’s a great way to stay in shape…

Written by staminamusic

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