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Why now? What’s a flattened arch anyway?

staminamusic | November 10, 2017
live stream

SO this is it. Lieutenant Dan.

I involuntarily invented a new trick on a hoverboard called ‘ The Lieutenant Dan ‘ and on that day everything changed.


I’ve been working hard on creating a release, that I initally called ‘The Millennials’ but this project has grown and no one likes millennials anyways, so instead of trying to trick people into thinking I’m the age of a millennial with a band name, I created SparklePigeon.

on November 24th or so I injured my right arch badly by doing just too many things at once.

  1. I was on the phone so i got out of the car to roll around on the hoverboard with a bottle of water in my hand
  2. hoverboard – > this is a powerful T6 Swagtron hoverboard that costs like $500
  3. water bottles – > when you fall on them make a cracking bones sound and spray you with their contents
  4. wet grass and concrete sidewalks don’t really mix
  5. don’t ride backwards up a step after ducking under a tree whilst doing the 4 things above or you may find the wheels spins in the wet grass and cause you to suddenly have to bail and step widely to avoid the beast of a hoverboard. And step hard with flat vans shoes (dammit it should have kept my foot-print insole shoes on) to feel the most excruciating pain ever in my foot while being sprayed by the water bottle and hearing a cracking sound.

Lieutenant Dan?

(insert photo later…its somewhere in snap)

I rode to my car on my knees as my foot felt like I had broken or shattered my ankle.

X-ray? nothing broken. MRI -> no surgery needed -> foot orthotics? Expensive and now in my shoes for good. SO what does this mean for skateboarding?

I will not be competing in the 2020 tokyo olympics(HA). HOWEVER on a good note, I can still skate to stay in shape and will get back to where I was eventually while I focus on SPARKLEPIGEON and performing live finally with my own thing. I’m super excited as I’ve never even tried since the last few projects I had all required other people to put in a lot of effort. There’s lots of people, but I call the shots.


Written by staminamusic

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