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My 10 albums, you know that thing on social media where you post 10 albums? Part 1 of 10

kronisofficial | April 23, 2020

Okay so I will go chronologically with the albums I remember… and from there we’ll make the selection and this one is easily a no brainer for me.

Growing up in Toronto

So right now, our hearts are bleeding for our fellow Canadians in Nova Scotia, and I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I lived in a house with my family in a place called Chocolate Lake. There my folks left me at home for the first time while they saw the premiere of Star Wars. This is okay because my first experience with Star Wars was Empire Strikes Back – the best of all the star wars movies ever made. But that didn’t happen in Halifax.

Toronto, Canada. Home of the Maple Leafs

So here I was a little kid growing up in a city where you could see the Toronto maple leafs, and Empire Strikes back for the first time in the 80s.

I vividly remember this, my parents had music playing in the living room. I come from a musical household, my mother was always playing records or radio programs and my father had a banjo, several different acoustic guitars and performed concert violin at HartHouse at U of T.

“Oh, Aaron will like this”

That’s all I remember hearing someone say and I was (this happens a lot as a kid…) getting a bird’s eye perspective on things, because some adult was being lifted you up to above eye level to see something. So that explains my memories of the record spinning on the record player.

This was that record.

Looking at the tracklisting, I realized now that whatever version we had, it was ‘She Loves You’ and “Mr. Postman” I remember the most because I would start at ‘She Loves You’. Then, someone would have to flip it over for me, as it was way to high up.

Track Listing of: Beatles The Beatles’ GREATEST
Side One:
I Want To Hold Your Hand
Twist and Shout
A Hard Day’s Night
Eight Days a Week
I Should Have Known Better
Long Tall Sally
She Loves You
Please Mister Postman

Side Two:
I Feel Fine
Rock and Roll Music
Ticket To Ride
Please Please Me
It Won’t Be Long
From Me To You
Can’t Buy Me Love
All My Loving

So I was exposed a lot to I Feel Fine, which is the first DISTORTED GUITAR NOTE ON RECORDING DIDJA KNOW THAT? the open ‘A’ string in the intro.

I love that song.

I have a tape. This tape is a recording first of an old reel-to-reel that my dad had of trains, I had a thing for trains as a kid. So I recorded trains, then ‘Beatles Greates Hits 144’ -> 144 was the number on the tape counter if you reset it to 000, then fast forwarded it past the trains.

“I’m recording right now!” – Aaron Age 5-6, yelling at his sister for interrupting singing along to, of course, The Beatles and Mickey Mouse Disco. In 7th grade, License to Ill by ‘The Beastie Boys’ came out. I recorded at the end of that tape, the same cassette tape, me playing an attempt at Crazy train(in A for some reason) and Fight For Your Right to Party. I’ll find it and Soundcloud it here…. not bad for 10 years old. So many samples to make.

Listen to the first note, I Feel Fine. This song actually inspired the song SO GONE, ask me about that some time on and I’ll show you what I mean.

Watch me NIGHTLY play stuff, as I gradually add more things like beatles and samples of Aaron Age 5 recording onto that tape I mentioned above… and PLEASE come and join the community converstion, bear with me as I gear up (waiting for things to arrive in the mail so I can play video games, have guests, play music and TWITCH HARDER THEN EVER)

Written by kronisofficial


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