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My 10 albums, you know that thing on social media where you post 10 albums? Part 3 of 10

kronisofficial | May 4, 2020

I never said I would do this daily, I just decided to do 10 blogs and here’s the third one. Be happy I’m doing this at all, sheesh!

Hahah. I am just kidding, if you actually want to help me get this album out, I’m a little bummed because we had to push the 4/24/2020 release date out until we have a few more zoom mix seshes, you can SUPPORT MY ALBUM HERE: I only created 1 tier for now, $10.

It will include downloads of the fun samples. The Tier 2 will include project files and album stems for producers to remix. 🙂

So… what happened next after that…. well.

I went to the beach a lot as a kid with my mom, sometimes the dog and dad, but a lot of times it was my sister and I and there was a ‘stereo battle’ which also included me being forced to experience new music that my sister ‘had to play’ in the car’s tape deck.

By this time, I knew how thick the tape looked from the side of the casette tape (thanks to my earlier experience with the numbers on my ‘Beatles 144’ casette) just where it needed to be for my favorite song. So my sister exposed me to music from U2 (With or Without You) and other stuff like ‘Psuedo Echo’ and other 80s one off hits.

It was great that we could all agree on a few but this post is dedicated to one of my favorite guitarists of all time. If you watch me play live, I don’t care what people say… I play my favorite guitarists (Dimebag, Eddie Van Halen, Hammet/Hetfield, etc) licks all the time.

One of the first songs I ever tried to play (I’ll update this post once I can get back to Las Vegas where that casette tape is.. and I’ll post a pic of it and me trying to play it in ‘A’ at age 10) was by this guy right here:

Randy Rhoads – Ozzy’s Star Guitarist who brought Ozzy to the LimeLight
in his Solo Career with CRAZY TRAIN, and more!

Creating epic guitar parts for John Osbourne… aka OZZY! he played his heart out in the studio after leaving Quiet Riot to join Ozzy officially.

Ozzy talks here about what randy did for him… no holding back.

It’s so sad what ended up happening to Randy.

He recorded Blizzard of OZZ and Diary of A Madman….

Here is the album where, even though we had sadly already lost Randy due to ‘stupidity’ 🙁 ‘pilot was buzzing Ozzy’s tour bus as a prank’, but sadly the third time around they crashed.

I was forever inspired by the 23 year old’s playing and am jamming it to this day….” – KRONIS

The OZZY OSBOURNE – RANDY Rhoads Tribute record was it for me. A guitar player.

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