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KRONiS is happening

staminamusic | November 19, 2018
Parker Ament Aaron Kronis Matt Starr

So we needed a song to enter the KLOS Next2Rock Search contest.

Quickly we sent in ‘I’m Not Sorry’.

“I received a VERY positive message from KLOS regarding my song…”


KRONiS performing the song ‘Change’ at the Viper Room August 26th, 201th on Sunset Blvd, Hollywood.

I know because I only wore that crazy jacket for the first song.
Special *heart-felt thanks* to Sherrie & Henry for hooking that up!

KRONiS at Viper Room August 26th

After my lead guitar role in THERMOclinE in Ottawa, Canada…. I had to do something on my own, but there was only one band. THERMOclinE. So I had to be ‘A.S.K.’ which appeased my parents as it is my initials… but after a while… things like hearing Norm say ‘I play bass in the Aaron Stanley Kronis band‘ seemed very odd to me!

KRONiS with Jason Young on stage as THERMOclinE @ Barrymore's Music Hall

I went to the USA via Ohio/Michigan… down there I started performing as KRONiS.

Special *Ohio *Michigan peeps.Thanks goes out to Alex Sandstrom, Kelly Weaver, Jay Parrit, our amazing road crew, Chris and Brian Roth, AJ and Josh too. 

Then I moved to LA to make it happen and spent several years immersing myself in the EDM scene to get an understanding of the culture and the music.

To me… dubstep is kinda like heavy metal.. the heavy Serum synths take up that similar range.. but the ‘old man rock’ beats from my last records are all pretty much only good for verses… then we need DROPs.

I’ve been waiting for something that’s been missing all my life… and it appears to be adding ‘the drop‘ to my music.

So there you go.

I found XLNTSound thanks to friends in the industry and I have never been happier with the outcome. We managed to get asked to perform at VIPER ROOM on August 26th for a radio station thing. I’m happy that we were able to get that going so (3 songs into the project) early on. I’ve been lucky to work with Electronic Creatives and talented drummer Andy Sanesi making this live show happen.

With Zhenya on vocals and Ableton Push controller

Ernie Ball MusicMan – my favorite two guitars.. JP6s.. .2000 (silver sparkle) 2002 (gold)

With support from people like Max Wasa (listen to her radio show) who introduced me to Andy and my almost guru Tracey Wiedeman (FOLLOW HER) ( who connected me to Max… ahhh hollywood.

Parker Ament Aaron Kronis Matt Starr

Parker Ament (XLNTSound), Aaron KRONiS, Matt Starr

We were so happy to have Matt Starr on the first 3 tracks, which are being released shortly now that we’ve setup distribution with AWAL Music.

AWAL distribution

Written by staminamusic

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