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iRig / IKMultimedia

staminamusic | June 25, 2018

Well, I’m super stoked that the kind folks over at IKMultimedia took a chance on me and sent me tons of gear.

iRig BlueBoard Foot Pedal Controller

My most important piece at the moment? the BlueBoard from iRig. I can use it for my live shows as it will connect to my Laptop (macbook pro 3.0 Ghz 2013 running Ableton Live 9.0) and works as a foot pedal WITH NO CORDS and no BS. I will likely buy 5 of them to be sure I always have one in case I break one by stomping too hard or leave it somewhere.

Lately I use the iRig Amplitube and my iPhone 7 for an amp, I just play it thru my Beats Pill, however the iRig Speaker is also really cool and works WITHOUT the iPhone so you can jam with basically just a patch cord. oh and I love my ErnieBall JP6’s !

irig pro powerbridge

Note: It’s best to get the iRig POWER BRIDGE if you want to use it a lot so your phone does not die (iPhone’s suck for battery life). Luckily I have an old iPhone 6 I wanted to use for video, but they didn’t have the image stabilization so… it’s really just great as an iRig practice amp now anyways.

Written by staminamusic

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