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Dime Bag Darrell’s Warmup (Pantera)

staminamusic | June 30, 2018

This is an epic video, I’ve got it starting at 4:14 when he shows you how to do his warmup for a live show.

Dime is just raw and awesome. I miss that dude and still learn from him daily. Looks like we’ve got a new license to perform Pantera live again with the loss of Vinnie Paul this month (June 2018).

Watch how Darrell’s natural playing style is relaxed and calming. Just think how you are when you play in that state. Practice, up your game and relax when you play. It’s NOT that hard if you practice the things you are not very good at all the time until they become, ‘something you can do relaxed and while focusing on other task even. The trick is to start slow and use a metronome to make sure you are doing exactly the same thing you want to do everytime, then speed it up as you master different levels. ANYTHING is easy very slow… That said, playing slow stuff in time can be very difficult as well. It’s all about patience, finding something you get inspired by, then working it all out.



Written by staminamusic

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