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Gotta love live TV. David Lee Roth smashes face with mic stand first song. Eddie plays extended solo.

Jason Scheffler | March 31, 2015

So even though we had to wait 4 hours WITH priority tickets… we did get front row and then when they FINALLY came on stage, after all the ‘free extra work’ by the crowd and tons of footage shot for Jimmy Kimmel… Van Halen started to play PANAMA. First time ever on live TV with David Lee Roth. He was rather excited and smacked himself pretty hard somehow during the first song, (right after spinning it like mad…I was worried being so close) such that they had to do a ‘RE-Do’ not something live shows allow normally, but since it was TV, it’s OKAY I guess?

dlrPHOTO: Josi Kat


Photo: Josi Katjimmy-kimmel

Photo: Josi Katvan-halen-dlr-eddiePhoto: Josi Kat

I wish Eddie would have rocked out more here, but it was probably confusing to them what was going on. He should be proud of how tight he and his brother and son Wofgang on Bass – now he replaced Michael Anthony…who I saw SING ‘Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love (I’ll post it soon) at NAMM at the Peavey 50th anniversary party with Lynyrd Skynyrd¬† as his back up band! How things evolve….

Here’s the official video of ‘take 2’

My awesome LA rocker chick babe friends Lisa and Josi where on hand. Here’s some of the footage and pics..

Van Halen Live on Jimmy Kimmel 3/30/2015

Diamond Dave live with Van Halen first time on TV ever…

Here’s ‘Running With The Devil’ Official Live Version:

Van Halen Live on Jimmy Kimmel on Hollywood Blvd, 3/30/2015

Eddie and Dave of VAN HALEN live 3/30/2015











With Lisa and Josi:



Written by Jason Scheffler


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