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Amps / Modelers

I used to use this:


Note: Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier (top left) blended with a Mesa Boogie Rackmount Dual Rectifier (center rack bottom) and a VETTA II HD Line 6 Head with Mesa cabs, RackMount Dunlop Wah Pedal, Rocktron All Access Midi Control pedal, using a DMX Audio Switching system. This was the bomb setup. Modeled after Billy Corgan’s rig designed in the 2000’s by Vegas @ who explained it all to me using ‘loops’ that you turn on or off when needing certain devices to route audio in your rig.

Here’s the official photo of the Smashing Pumpkin guitarists / singer’s rig:

There’s two of everything! two Eventide UltraHarmonizers ($$$$) two diezel heads, the rockman midi octopus for midi routing, I had a lot of this gear figured out, then was able to use the DMX audio switcher to make it better.

Billy Corgan Guitar Rig

This is now at:
(I uploaded it)

Now I find that many of the components I use (not the original Digitech Whammy pedal inspired by Tom Morello, who discusses the original ones vs the new ones in this post) are easily reproduced using something like Amplitube!

Check it out below:

Mesa Boogie Amplitube

blue board iRig Foot ControlleriRig Products with ernie ball guitar jp6

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